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January 2016

Patrick Shaw

Patrick Shaw
Staff Development Specialist, OCM BOCES – Syracuse, NY
Trainer for Project-Based Learning & Standards-Based Planning

Joanne Keim

Joanne Keim
Network Team Coordinator
PBL 101 Trainer
Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES

Denise Pawlewicz

Denise Pawlewicz
PBL Trainer/Coach
Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES

Randi Downs

Randi Downs
PBL Teacher Trainer
Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES



Check Out Our New PBL Website

We have created a website you can use when designing your next PBL experience or simply to gain deeper understanding of PBL. This website aligns with BIE’s Gold Standard Design Elements, which includes the following pages:

  • PBL101 Workshop Resources: Access resources we use in our PBL 101 training, which includes planning forms, feedback protocols, and selected slides
  • PBL Videos:  Watch videos of projects organized by elementary, middle school, and high school you can use for inspiration when designing your next project.
  • PBL Research: Examine Buck Institute conducted and collected research you can use to help you answer the question: Why PBL?
  • Customize a Project: At a loss for a project idea? Explore projects from a variety of content areas and grade levels you can customize to align to your curriculum and students’ interests.
  • Generate a Project Idea: Discover resources you can use to generate a project idea of your own, which includes content area simulations, competitions, and challenges.
  • Key Knowledge & Understandings: We know an awesome idea for a project is not enough; we also must focus on what we want students to know and be able to do. Use this page to access content, literacy, and technology standards.
  • Success Skills: When designing your PBL experience, consider what success skills best align with the content and the context of the project. This web page provides resources and rubrics you can use to teach and assess skills students need for success as they prepare for the future.
  • Public Product Rubrics & Resources:  Use the rubrics and resources available on this page to plan how students will make their learning public and how the public will assess their product or performance.
  • Gold Standard PBL: This page provides information about BIE’s Gold Standard PBL Design Elements and Teaching Practices.
  • Project Launch: Launching a project initiates student inquiry. Use this page to get ideas to plan the entry event and engage students in the Need to Know process. 
  • Problem-Based Learning (PrBL): We recognize that PBL might not always be the best fit for Math teachers, so we have designed a page using New Tech’s PrBL model and forms.
  • Tools for Managing the Project: This page offers digital and downloadable tools to help you manage the project: project walls, handling team conflict, protocols, etc. 
  • Managing Student Teams: Managing student teams can be challenging; use this page to download ready-to-use student contracts and learning logs. 

We need your help!Do you have a project you would like to share with others? Do you have of students collaborating or involved in inquiry? Do you have a team contract or learning log that worked for you when implementing a project experience? If so, please email Denise Pawlewicz at dpawlewicz@ocmboces.org so she can share your work with others. There is a need for locally created projects and tools for PBL implementation.

ASCD Collection:  Simply click 'Read more' to access these free books.

Global Education: Using Technology to Bring the World to Your Students

Provides an introduction to global networks such as iEarn, Global Schoolhouse, and ePals and contains an overview of Web 2.0 tools that support global learning, such as wikis, blogs, and podcasts. Read more

Role Reversal: Achieving Uncommonly Excellent Results in the Student-Centered Classroom

In this book, the author introduces and outlines the Results Only Learning Environment, a place that embraces the final result of learning rather than the traditional methods for arriving at that result. Learn how your students can take charge of their own achievement in an enjoyable, project-based, workshop setting that challenges them with real-world learning scenarios. Read more

PBL 101 In-District Training image

  • Liverpool Central School District
  • North Syracuse Central School District
  • Jefferson-Lewis BOCES
  • St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES

Regional PBL Coaching

  • Baldwinsville Central School District
  • Center for Instruction, Technology, & Innovation (CiTi)
  • Central Valley School District
  • Cincinnatus Central School District
  • Cortland City School District
  • Fayetteville-Manlius School District
  • Liverpool Central School District
  • OCM BOCES (CTE, Special Education, and Alternative Education)
  • Solvay Union Free School District
  • Tully Central School District
  • Westhill School District

Upcoming PBL Events


Regional Training Sessions

  • Syracuse Campus 2/3, 2/4, 2/10, 2/11
  • McEvoy Campus 3/1, 3/2, 3/8, 3/9
  • Syracuse Campus 3/14, 3/15, 3/21, 3/22
  • Syracuse Campus 5/11, 5/12, 5/18, 5/19

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Deeper Learning PBL Sessions

PBL Edcamp

Join us for a day of deeper learning around all things PBL! Since you’ve been trained, have you desired to learn more about creating challenging Driving Questions? Engaging students in Inquiry? Facilitating student reflection? Or, do you have some learning or experience to share with others around Student Voice and Choice? Managing Critique and Revision during and after a PBL experience? If these questions appeal to you, come to PBL Edcamp: An Unconference created and facilitated BY the participants!

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