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March 2017

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The annual survey seeking input for regional offerings for 2017-18 is open through April 3. Please include your input.

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment: Regional Sessions

OCM BOCES component districts register for regional sessions at no additional cost.


The intention of these groups is to communicate information, provide a forum for sharing and collaboration across districts all towards building capacity and working towards continuous improvement. Audience is teachers, teacher leaders, administrators. You can join a group at any time.

K-6 Literacy Collaborative
April 11

This Literacy Collaborative is an opportunity for K-6 teachers to come together and explore instructional practices and strategies for improving literacy outcomes for all students. Participants will be able to collaborate with and learn from each other, share ideas and best practices and plan for the application of new learning in a supportive environment. If you are a K-6 teacher looking to continuously improve literacy instruction for your students, please join us!

7-12 Literacy Collaborative
April 11

Are you interested in engaging your students in deeper learning of your content area through literacy-based instruction? If you answered "yes" to this question, please join the 7-12 Literacy Collaborative. Participants will have the opportunity to explore, apply, and share literacy-based instructional strategies that work in any content area.

Social Studies Collaborative
April 26

These facilitated sessions are for K-12 teachers and administrators who participated in the Summer 2015 and Summer 2016 Social Studies Curriculum Work to continue the process of curriculum mapping, unit design and inquiry writing. Participants will collaborate to share information, ideas and instructional practices on the teaching and learning of social studies content and skills. Participants may sign up for a single session or for multiple sessions, as desired

Instructional Coaches Collaborative
May 18

This is an opportunity for Instructional Coaches to come together to learn, reflect, share successes, collaborate and plan within a supportive community. We will focus on developing and refining the knowledge, skills and mindsets necessary to have successful 1:1 coaching conversations and to lead effective teams.

Leadership Groups

Spring meetings for leadership groups.

Literacy Leadership
May 31

Literacy Leadership offers administrators and teacher leaders the tools they can use to plan for a culture of literacy. Planning for literacy with the intent to improve all students' literacy skills involves collaborative leadership and research-based literacy practices. Join Literacy Leadership to learn more about how to lead for literacy.

Math Leadership
April 12, 2017

The desired outcome is to support each other as individuals, as well as, systems towards continuous improvement in the instruction of mathematics.   For the spring  meeting, the text:  Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler will focus our conversations and consideration of practice.

Social Studies
June 1

This network of Social Studies leadership will meet to serve as a conduit for information, learning and discussion about the New York State K-12 Social Studies Framework, assessments, and best practices in Social Studies classrooms. Social Studies teacher leaders and administrators will work collaboratively to expand their own knowledge and expertise, and, in turn, provide leadership to their own schools and districts.

Classroom Culture

Responsive Classroom enrollment is full for the spring and summer sessions. Sessions during the coming school year will be posted later this spring.

Standards and Instruction

Learning Targets: Hitting the Bullseye
June 1

Looking for a high leverage, research-based practice to improve student learning? Evidence shows that learning increases when students understand exactly what they’re supposed to learn and what their work will look like when they learn it. This half day session will focus on designing, implementing and assessing learning targets so that students have clear goals and a clear vision of what success looks like. Let’s take the mystery out of learning and help students hit the bullseye!

Project Based Learning

PBL 201 Managing the Project Calendar
April 27

Now that your Project-based Learning is planned, it’s time to build or adjust your instructional calendar so that activities and assessments are balanced and able to engage all learners. Come to this workshop where we will explore how to organized student-centered inquiry as we manage the “messy middle” of PBL. After a morning of learning and working together, you will have the afternoon to continue framing your PBL unit.

Making Connections-Cortland County
April 28

Making Connections is all about: creating authentic connections in the community for real world learning! Current students and teachers will share Project Based Learning experiences and community members and businesses will experience what this approach is all about. Non-profit organizations, government agencies, institutes of higher education and area businesses will have an opportunity to share what they do and how student learning may connect to their work. Teachers will have the opportunity to meet directly with community businesses and others to explore possible links to learning

Project Based Learning 101
starts May 10 ( last PBL 101 for this school year)

PBL 101 is a foundational four-day workshop inspired by the work of the Buck Institute for Education, New Tech Network, Edutopia and Expeditionary Learning. It provides attendees with the skills and knowledge needed to design, assess and manage a rigorous, relevant, and standards-based project. The workshop is a balanced blend of direct instruction, video analysis, hands-on work time, resource sharing, and peer collaboration and feedback.

Special Events

Kagan Organization is bringing a two day workshop as part of the 2016-17 USA Tour to Syracuse.  May 11-12, Brain Friendly Teaching will be happening on the OCM BOCES campus (Rodax 8).  While OCM is cooperating with Kagan to offer this opportunity it is NOT offered through OCM BOCES and registration is directly with Kagan.

Surprising new brain imaging techniques give us new windows into real-time brain functioning. For the first time, we can actually view which parts of the brain are engaged as we use different instructional strategies. Through this technology and other advances in brain science, there is an emerging understanding of which teaching methods best align with how the brain best learns. Learn more about how the brain actually learns and which instructional strategies are brain-friendly and which are not. Find teaching easier and far more effective as you adopt proven brain-friendly structures!

Registration and further details are found here.

Opportunity from a neighboring BOCES: Cognitive Coaching- CITI (Oswego BOCES) is offering Cognitive Coaching this summer.  The cost is $450/participant.  Additional information on dates and registration can be found here.

In case you missed some blogs by our team

Jenny Fanelli

Jenny Fanelli introduces part one of a two part series on using news with students.  The awareness and urgency to assist students to critically look at perspective and sources has increased lately with fake news.  Jenny shares a blog titled What Should We Do About Fake News?  written by Chloe Ford on March 5th, 2017.  Check out part one and see what suggestions are offered to guide students.

Through Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment component districts have the opportunity to send participants to regional offerings at no additional fees.  Other districts may also attend and fees apply. Regional offerings are developed based on district input and expressed interests.   Additional focus areas or alternative dates may be arranged especially for a district using included days or at regular daily rates.   CI&A facilitates support for instruction through coaching, regional sessions and direct in-district work.

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