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January 2016

What Next?

Professional Learning Community enews Mark Weichel raises the point that the fourth question is often put off. He explores some typical responses from educators on why this occurs and offers some suggestions to address the fouth question ( what do we do when students already know the material?). See what he has to say.

Mark Weichel, EdD, an assistant superintendent,
is a former high school building administrator and
junior high school teacher who played a vital
leadership role as his school transformed into
a successful PLC.

Michelle Davis shares her story from Gamble Rogers Middle School in Saint Augustine, Florida. Sometimes at this point in the year, we can all use an inspirational story to encourage us to continue the PLC journey. It will make a difference.

Professional Learning Communities can be and need to be the foundation for a successful Response to Intervention process. Solution Tree is bringing RTI at Work Institute to Syracuse this June. June 28-30 will be three exciting, meaningful and thought provoking days. Limited discounted seats are now available for personnel from OCM BOCES component districts.

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