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June 2016

Responsive Classroom© is a research- & evidence-based approach to elementary education that leads to greater teacher effectiveness, higher student achievement, & improved school climate.

Patrick Patrick Shaw
Staff Development Specialist
Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment – OCM BOCES
Certified Trainer for the Responsive Classroom through the Northeast Foundation for Children (NEFC-Turners Falls, MA)
Also trainer for Project-Based Learning & Standard Based Planning


In June, my 105th RCC group was completed.  Teachers from Chittenango, ESM, Cortland, South Jefferson Central, Solvay, Tully, Homer, Lyncourt, and OCM BOCES were our newest graduates.  My PBL Colleagues Randi Downs and Denise Pawlewicz joined the session too and made connections to the work we all do in Project-Based Learning.


The SUMMER 2016 Sessions of RCC and RCAC are coming up soon!  See the information and links below to register!

Upcoming OCM BOCES Responsive Classroom
Institutes for 2016

Other Location for Training

Registration may be allowed through their website or contacting them

My Newest OCM-RC Blog:
Surviving the Late Spring Jitters – A Reprise!

imageYears ago in an old training resource we use to use, there was a great article for this time of year “Surviving the Late Spring Jitters”.  I always have loved this article that is no longer available in print.  I decided to share some of the ideas that were addressed to help teachers understand why their might be some behaviors that are not character to how the class have behaved in the past. 
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Great Articles for the End of the School Year

NEW!!!  Language Study Sessions

Learn communication strategies that highly effective teachers use to support students’ high-level thinking, active participation, and collaboration. This kit includes materials for leading 30-minute professional development sessions on four topics:

Each session is built around a 10-minute video segment featuring master teachers using positive language with students at a variety of grade levels. Integrated narration names and describes specific positive language strategies to focus on. Step-by-step guidelines for working through each session are included. Perfect for study groups or in-service presentations, coaching individuals, or for independent use.
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Use Your Summer to Plan Your First Six Weeks

imageI feel the best gift you can give yourself is to use some time over the summer to either plan on your own or get together with your grade level colleagues to plan out your first six weeks of school.  This old favorite has been majorly revised to fit today’s busy classrooms.  Beautiful and in full color!  There are ideas K-2, 3-4, and 5-6 for the first day of school.  Sample schedules to help your plan to make that first day a smooth transition into the school year.  Then learn how to apply all you learned during your Responsive Classroom training to the first six weeks.  This is the perfect resource to help your apply all you learned.
Watch children’s learning blossom all year long when you lay the groundwork with the help of this classic, comprehensive guidebook for K–6 teachers. Day by day and week by week, The First Six Weeks of School shows you how to set students up for a year of engaged and productive learning by:

Novice teachers will feel as if they have a personal mentor always by their side; veterans will discover new insights and ideas to make their first six weeks even more productive
This is the book that is given to new graduates of The Responsive Classroom Course!
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Responsive Classroom National Conference

The Center for Responsive Schools has a couple exciting events planned for this fall.  Each year they hold the “Responsive Leadership” conference which I have attended over the year and so have local districts such as ESM and Cortland.  This year, a brand new event has also been scheduled, the “Responsive Teachers” conference.  Both will be held in Washington DC and not too far away from CNY!




Information & Purchase


Information & Purchase
“As middle schoolers begin the transition into young adulthood, they have a strong developmental need for learning that’s both active (hands-on, experiential) and interactive (social, collaborative). When we meet that need, students are more likely to behave in positive ways and engage more deeply with academics. But how can we build such dynamic learning into the short periods and packed curriculum typical in most middle schools? Motivators—interactive learning structures—are one excellent way…”  Read More...


Information & Purchase

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The OCM BOCES Responsive Classroom Blackboard site has been taken down, but a new more ACTIVE and INTERACTIVE group has been added to Facebook!!! It is my hope the use of the “Closed” OCM-RC Facebook group, will allow former participants a virtual community where ideas can be shared and interactions with each other can continue. To request access to the group please search OCM-RC

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