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October 2016

Patrick Patrick Shaw
Staff Development Specialist
Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment – OCM BOCES
Certified Trainer for the Responsive Classroom through the Northeast Foundation for Children (NEFC-Turners Falls, MA)
Also trainer for Project-Based Learning & Standard Based Planning


Fall Institute

The Fall Institute for the Responsive Classroom Course is currently underway.  The session is being held at the NEW 7 Valleys New Tech School in Cortland.  This space is perfect for the engaging academics of the course because its moveable furniture lends itself to the active and interactive learning that takes place during this course.  Teachers from Southern Cayuga, McGraw, ESM, Tully and OCM BOCES are in attendance.   The session will conclude Oct. 19 and 20.

The next session of RCC this fall will be held at the Jeff-Lewis BOCES in Watertown.  You can enroll by clicking this link:  CLICK HERE TO ENROLL

The Responsive Classroom Advanced Course is coming in December here in Syracuse.  This will be the RCAC: Effective Management Course.  The Advanced course is a 2-day module focusing on the one domain: Effective Management.   See the link below to enroll.

Upcoming Responsive Classroom Training in CNY!

The 2016-2017 School year is planned and ready to go for upcoming regional trainings that are included in service for the 23 OCM BOCES component districts.

RCC = Responsive Classroom Course
RCAC = Responsive Classroom Advanced Course which is done in two 2-day modules.

Breathe Life into Learning with Engaging Academics

Joyfull Classroom

Center for Responsive Schools – March 2016
(an adapted excerpt from The Joyful Classroom:
Practical Ways to Engage and Challenge
Students K–6

“Ms. Romano has gathered her fourth graders in a circle at the start of a science lesson. “Today,” she says, “you’ll begin learning about the properties of light and shadow. This will help you better understand lots of things we’ll be studying this year in science, like phases of the moon, temperature and seasons on Earth, and life—or the absence of life—on other planets.
“As you do this learning, you’ll all be scientists. Scientists ask questions, they observe closely, and they try things out. The first step on our scientific journey is to make a list of questions. What do you already know about shadows? What do you want to know? I bet we can come up with a long list.”
After students name some facts about shadows, they move on to questions to explore. “How about ‘Why do shadows change size?’” Suzanne says…”
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Self-Assessment and Goal Setting Go Hand-In-Hand
Center for Responsive Schools – Oct. 2016

Self Assessment

“What are the benefits of self-assessment?

When built into daily schoolwork, goal-focused self-assessment fosters academic achievement by helping students:

The NEWEST Books Released by the Center for Responsive Schools


Exciting new book for our Special Area Teacher!!!
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New book for Middle School Teachers!
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“As middle schoolers begin the transition into young adulthood, they have a strong developmental need for learning that’s both active (hands-on, experiential) and interactive (social, collaborative). When we meet that need, students are more likely to behave in positive ways and engage more deeply with academics. But how can we build such dynamic learning into the short periods and packed curriculum typical in most middle schools? Motivators—interactive learning structures—are one excellent way…”  READ More...Click here


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