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ASCD Book Image Pyramid of Behavior Interventions: Seven Keys to a Positive Learning Environment
Transform the research on behavior, response to intervention, and professional learning communities into practical strategies.
ASCD Book Image Transforming School Culture: How to Overcome Staff Division
Explores many aspects of human behavior, social conditions, and history to reveal best practices for building healthy school cultures.
ASCD Book Image Learning by Doing : A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work
An action guide for closing the knowing-doing gap and transforming schools into PLCs.
ASCD Book Image 21st Century Skills: Rethinking How Students Learn
Ways to re-envision learning and prepare students for a rapidly evolving global and technological world.
ASCD Book Image Principal: Three Keys to Maximizing Impact
Shows systematically how the principal's role should change, demonstrating how it can be done in short order, at scale.
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April 22, 2016

McKinney-Vento training for the region will be held at OCM BOCES on May 16th. On the agenda: Review of definitions, rights, and responsibilities; transportation strategies for schools and service providers; and incorporating trauma-sensitive practices. There is no cost for this training.

The National School Reform Faculty website is a great source of many protocols to use in different situations, from book talks to data analysis.

logoThe 6th Annual Teacher Leadership Conference will be an evening of celebrating and learning about teacher leadership. The theme is “Teacher Leadership beyond District Boundaries,” and the workshops will all explore the ways that teacher leadership reaches across district lines to benefit the state [and beyond]. Commissioner Elia will deliver the keynote. The event will again be held at Drumlins, this time on May 31st. Information and registration is posted.

This article includes suggestions for a better teacher-coach relationship. It outlines both the teacher and coach responsibilities.

As part of the 2016 Annual NYS Middle School Association Conference (located this year in Watkins Glen), one-hour middle level education and program focused practitioner workshops will be scheduled throughout the day for Friday, October 21, 2016. Individuals or groups are invited to submit a Call for Presenters application. Please note that if your presentation is accepted you MUST register for the conference. Applications are due by August 15, 2016.

eBook LogoHey! Your professional book collection now includes Solution Tree and Corwin titles in addition to all of the ASCD titles that you’ve had access to via the OCM BOCES Instructional Support e-library. Enjoy free access to books about RTI, literacy, PLC, social studies, technology, STEM, assessment, PBL, leadership, classroom management, motivation, and much more!

This column will explain the “maker movement” and some of the implications and challenges that accompany the effort to create opportunities for creativity and problem-solving in our schools. Some of the early research is identified. If you really want to learn more about it, make sure you attend the summer conference: Making Learning Happen. It’s here, in Syracuse, in August.

NPR did a story about financial literacy and financial education, and reported that all programs are not equally effective. The story has some suggestions.

The final 2015-2016 meeting of CNY NYS ASCD will be the Annual Meeting. We'll elect the board for next year, kick around some ideas for topics for next year, and enjoy good food and good company. It's a good time! The meeting is at Laci's Tapas Bar, May 11th, 4:45p - 6p.

PBL 101PBL-101 is the foundational four-day workshop inspired by the work of the Buck Institute for Education, New Tech Network, Edutopia, and Expeditionary Learning. It provides attendees with the skills and knowledge needed to design, assess, and manage a rigorous, relevant, and standards-based project. The cohort that begins May 11th is the last one during this school year!

Suzie BossListen to Suzie Boss describe the implementation of PBL in districts across the country. In some places the implementation is better than others, and in some classrooms projects are authentic and in others traditional projects hang on. Suzie will again be a part of PBLNY.

A Problem Based Learning (PrBL) is scheduled for May 2nd. At the training, participants will analyze different ways to link your curriculum and technology with a PrBL approach to create a rigorous and engaging learning environment for your students. Participants will also utilize workshop time to start planning their first PrBL experience for their students. This session is for middle school and high school math and science educators and administrators who want to learn more about Problem Based Learning.

Shannon MillerThe Buck Institute for Education is teaming up with OCM BOCES to offer a four-day conference on the research-driven success of Project Based Learning. The one-of-a-kind event embraces the Maker Movement and offers a long list of inspiring speakers and workshops aimed at bolstering your understanding and success with student-centered, inquiry-based BIElearning. Don’t miss out on this chance to connect with fellow educators, renowned experts, and PBL trailblazers for an event guaranteed to spark creativity, collaboration, and innovation in the classroom.

Hear about the best summer PBL learning opportunity from Education Talk Radio (EduTalk).

The last gathering of the year for the PBL Regional Network is May 23rd. It’s a great opportunity to network with other PBLers!

Details about this summer’s Middle-Level Institute have just been announced! As usual, there’s a great line-up of workshops to choose from: EdTech & Literacy, math, social studies, and RTI.

A free training session about the Essential Elements: Schools to Watch (EE:STW) program will occur in Syracuse on July 27 & 28. The training will include an overview of the program for schools that may be thinking of an application or want to begin using the tools to guide their school improvement process. 

The data about on-line credit recovery aren’t great. A report has been recently released that digs into the increasing practice.

Registration is now open for the next round of summer social studies, July 18th – 21st, facilitated curriculum work. Examples that integrate ELA and social studies will be used, especially at the elementary level. There are two threads:  grades 9-12 and grades K-4.

The state will now require both fire evacuation and emergency drills. More specifically, districts will be required to conduct a total of 12 fire and emergency drills during the school year. Eight drills must take place between September 1st and December 31st, a change from the former date of December 1st. Four of the required drills must be lockdown drills. The drills should take place at different times during the school day. The required number of lockdown drills is included within the twelve drills, effectively reducing the number of fire drills to eight. Read the summary.

A special day for math is planned: Weaving Math Practices into Practice. The morning will include a review of the practices with small groups working in the afternoon to plan units of instruction that emphasize the practices. It all happens on May 24th!

Get help for students who need access to instructional materials in a different manner from a standard textbook or worksheet. During this AIM session you will learn about the NYS process of obtaining accessible instructional materials, and learn about technology resources to support your district's plan to assist students who need to have printed materials in an accessible format (large print, audio, electronic, and Braille). Students needing these accessible materials need not only be visually impaired (physical disabilities, learning disabilities or neurological impairments as well as students who are at risk for Special Education services).

The latest edition of Learning leadership is all about the next generation of New York State Science Learning Standards. It provides a succinct description of the standards and the changes to science education we will soon begin to implement.

The Instructional Coaches Network will have their last gathering for the year on May 12th.

The Literacy Leadership Network has a meeting on May 25th.

The final meeting for the year for the Social Studies Network is May 26th.

Please consider nominating your superintendent, educational administrators, collaborative teaching partners, or community members who promote and support the school library as the center for student learning, innovation, creativity and instructional partnerships. The School Library System is collecting submissions until April 29th.

National Grid sponsors an Engineering Pipeline Program. It’s an opportunity for high school students to explore a career in engineering.

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