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Book Image Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind
The purpose of this book is to provide the rationale behind engaging students, generate more ideas, and build the attitudes to succeed with students who live in poverty. This book is a "no excuses" resource that will get teachers on the path toward making good things happen every single day.
ASCD Book Image STEM Leadership
This text shows K-12 school leaders how to support STEM programs that excite students and teachers--even if the leader is not an expert in science, technology, engineering, or math.
ASCD Book Image Teaching in Tandem
This book focuses on creating a successful partnership while co-teaching within a classroom, and examines topics such as organization, engaging students with multiple perspectives, and responding to parental concerns. Provides guidance based on answering questions posed by real co-teachers, and is suitable for principles, teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators.
ASCD Book Image What Works in K-12 Online Learning
Provides an overview of effective online teaching and learning practices.
ASCD Book Image Managing Diverse Classrooms
Discusses some of the most powerful cultural differences that can lead to classroom conflict for many students and how educators can capitalize on these differences to make their classroom a harmonious, productive environment.

Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself as Jen Spong, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Support Services. I am excited to join the OCM BOCES team and contribute to finding innovative ways to support the needs of our component districts. I look forward to meeting you!

October 21, 2016

SEalTake a peek at NYSED’s 2017 Budget Proposals and initiatives.

The Board of Regents is taking another look graduation requirements for students with disabilities.

Reexamining bilingual education in California.

More ways educators are using the election cycle in the classroom.

The academic benefits of attending to social-emotional learning.

Want to learn a foreign language?  Try python.

You’ve seen dogs as reading partners, now they’re speech partners!

Modeling math models for teachers of math modeling.


Shaping Mindsets - Nov 1 (AM) or  Nov 1 (PM)
Discover how shaping student mindsets can help boost academic motivation, persistence and performance and raise student achievement.

PreK-5 Mathematics Collaborative - Nov 7
This is an opportunity for elementary teachers in PreK - grade 5 to come together to learn, reflect, share successes, collaborate and plan for mathematics instruction within a supportive community. Participants will be able to work with others in their grade band to explore new strategies, share successful practices and refine existing lessons to meet Common Core Standards for Content and Practice. Participants will be connected via a Shoology site for continued communication throughout the school year.

Standards Based Planning for the 21 Century:
Instruction for All
- Begins Nov 9

An important goal of the workshop is for participants to become comfortable with and build skills at using the standards-based planning process. *What makes planning for teaching and learning in a standards-based environment different from planning for teaching and learning in a non-standards based environment? Why are these differences significant? Participants are eligible for on-site support at no additional cost which will be discussed during the training.

Literacy Interventions

Sonday System 1 Training
Training only or Training and Materials - Nov 1

 Sonday System® 1 Training is an introduction to Multisensory Teaching Methodology and a detailed look at the implementation of Sonday System®1 Reading Intervention Program. This training offers hands on use of the materials, and practical strategies to use with struggling students. Focus is on Sonday System® 1 Instructional Materials, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension instruction.

In addition to this one day training - OCM Boces will supply each building represented 2 half days in district for small group follow up & coaching.

$550.00 training per person - participants will provide their own materials or $1975 per person including materials

Sonday System 2 Training - 
Training only or Training and Materials - Nov 2

This one day training offers hands-on use of Sonday System 2 materials, and practical strategies to use with struggling students. Sonday System® 2 focus is on Syllable Division Patterns, Syllable Types, Syllable Division, Prefixes, Suffixes (with governing rules), Roots, Contractions, Non-Phonetic Words, Vocabulary, Comprehension.

In addition to this one day training - OCM Boces will supply each building represented up to 2 half days in district for small group follow up & coaching.

Participants will bring their own materials - $550.00 per person training only or $1975 with materials per person.

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