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January 16, 2017

Doreen Bergman

We often don’t take enough time to reflect on the good things that we do and spend way too much time on our “what was I thinking” type of experiences. This week I’ve done a lot of thinking about two programs. The first is our “Mentors Across Borders” program. I feel that we are creating a very strong support system for new librarians and offering our more veteran librarians a chance to share their knowledge and experience in a way that is both motivating and inspiring. We also want to recognize Marilyn Natke in her role as facilitator. Her dedication to the program is truly amazining. Our other great success is our “Bridging the Gap” program and that is definitely due to the dedication and passion of the school librarians involved. The work they are doing and the partnerships that are developing between our school and academic librarians will continue to positively impact learning for our students. Both of these programs create a professional learning network that I am proud to be a part of and proud to continue to offer.

Join the World’s Biggest Daniel Tiger Bedtime Story Read-Along on January 18th at Destiny USA from 6:00-8:00 PM. This event is sponsored by the Literacy Coalition of Onondaga County and WCNY!

Are you using Turnitin with your students? Check out their newsletter for the 20 Best Practices for Using Turnitin Feedback Studio.


Have you take a look at the
Digital Public Library of America

website lately to see what primary source sets were recently added?

Library Legislative/Advocacy Day is March 1st this year. Are you planning on attending to make your voice heard?

Don’t forget to register for these PD opportunities:

  • Julie Smith
    Julie Smith
    March 24th
    Media Literacy: The 21st Century Survival Skill
    w/Julie Smith

    Join presenter Julie Smith as she helps administrators, teachers and school librarians learn how to embed media literacy across the curriculum. Media literacy is front-burner issue for schools especially with all of the reports of "fake news," and new research demonstrating just how ill-equipped young people are to critically evaluate information they encounter online and via social media. It's our job to teach our students (and faculty) how to be critical thinkers and evaluators of media.

  • April 4th
    The QFT: The Right Questions Make all the Difference!

    The Question Formulation Technique (QFT) is a simple, but rigorous, step-by-step process designed to help students produce, improve, and strategize on how to use their questions. The QFT allows students to practice three thinking abilities in one process: divergent, convergent and metacognitive thinking. This workshop with focus on introducing the Question Formulation Technique into the classroom and crafting the Question Focus.

Are you still struggling to find which products to integrate into your makerspace? Read Laura Fleming’s Five Step Framework for Making the Right Purchases.

This idea is really intriguing and worth a read “Locked in the Library! Inspiration for Your Library Escape Room!

The 2017 SSL conference “Make-Learn-Inspire” is happening¬† in Buffalo, New York on May 4-6. ¬†Remember that conference grants are available for registration and hotel expenses if you are interested in attending.

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Take a look at the 2017 Most Anticipated Children’s and Teen Books!

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